Thursday, 21 January 2016

Why BuildTrack is the leading company in Home Automation India

Of late there has been a clutter in the field of home automation. Many companies are venturing into automation solutions now. But not everyone provides what BuildTrack does. And to its credit lies 3 prestigious awards which would be a reason of envy for anyone.

Having won the CII National Award for the Most Innovative Energy Saving Product 2015 recently, BuildTrack has proved its mettle yet again. In the past it was presented with the IESA Award for the Most Promising Company 2014-2015 and later won the People’s Choice Award i.e. the Internet Of Things (IoT) Award 2014-2015, making it the only Indian company to win this award.

The products that are offered in the market are manufactured by the company itself making it one of the Indian companies to be the sole manufacturer in India. As it is an Indian company, the products are designed as per Indian standards suiting the Indian environment.

It is necessary to present a product that the users would love to use rather than provide them something that they would have to use just because they have bought them. BuildTrack provides home automation products that are meant for safety, security, comfort and convenience. It has introduced a lot of sensors which are used for safety applications. It also has developed a product dedicated to energy conservation.

The best thing about the products manufactured by BuildTrack is that there are no external changes in the wiring of the product that needs to be installed. The original installation of the product remains unchanged.

The products are installed in a couple of hours. BuildTrack has a team which provides after sales support too. So you can talk to them about your worries or concerns anytime and they are right there to help you out. Along with the product comes an instructional manual which gives you an insight about the product and its do’s and don’ts. You can follow the manual provided or watch videos for self-installation of the products on YouTube.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

What is a Gas Detector?

A Gas Detector is a device which detects and warns about the presence of a gas leak in a particular area. This helps to take action accordingly.

Every home has a gas connection. So there is a probability of a gas leak in 1 per 10 houses every day. This can be avoided by installing a Gas Detector. Installing a Gas Detector solely cuts down the chances of accidents by 60%.

The Gas Detectors are to be installed near the gas cylinder so that in case of a leak, you would be immediately alerted. When the gas detector senses gas leakage, it beeps loudly alerting the residents around.

There have been cases where it has been noted that the gas leak is not determined early and it later proves to be fatal to human life. The worst part is that as it is a gas, it travels around quickly and can’t be easily controlled.

The leaked gas may travel to the nearby places leading to choke people around and also hampers the environment. Installing a gas detector will make lives safe and secure. Gas leaks are very common and very dangerous as even a small spark can cost people their lives. And our homes are readily available with stuff that can ignite and set the residence ablaze in a few seconds. This leak is the fastest to spread and hence is very harmful.

The gas detectors can be installed even in places like canteens, chemical industries, restaurants, etc. These places are prone to catch fire easily as these are the places are constantly dealing with fire. Also these places are always flocked by people so a gas leak may go unnoticed but when it happens it may take lives in large numbers.

Be Safe and not Sorry.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Hoteling with Smart Automation

In today’s world of mobile banking, everybody prefers to have things automated rather than taking the queue. With automation solutions, hospitality has been made far more efficient and cost-effective. It not only saves man power but also a lot of money.

BuildTrack offers some great products which are a must have in hotels today. The current generation has reached the next level where they are completely dependent on smartphones and tablets. Now if we tell them that they will have to wait to check-in in a particular hotel as everything is done manually, the hotel might probably lose that customer. With competition round every corner, it is necessary for hotels to provide customers with something more that is already being provided. This is the time when Hotel Automation Solution comes to the rescue.
Hotel Automation Solutions not only serves our need but also adds value to the hotel. It attracts customers by offering them something different from the usual. The customers would also be anxious to know more about an automated solution. Such things being new make people curious about it. It is important for them to have a positive experience. So it is necessary for the product to be user friendly at the first place.
With thorough research, a company providing Hotel Automation Solution was found. BuildTrack provides individual products as well as solutions where multiple products are a part of the package. It offers a Remote Controlfor operating electrical devices such as lights, fans, air conditioners, etc. The electrical devices can also be operated through a Smartphone or a Tablet. This can turn out to be quite impressive when utilized it in a proper way. For example: You can use it to pre-cool the room before the customer enters and can receive kudos to your hospitality.
Gone are the days when we had to dial and speak to the staff requesting to attend to our needs. BuildTrack’s Room Service & Concierge Services can be accessed via a Smart App. This service enables the customer to avail for any service by putting in a request via the Smart App which would be addressed by the staff accordingly. The customer can order food, or ask for services like cleaning up the room, etc. via the Smartphone itself.
Automation solutions take care of everything from managing requests to ensuring safety of the customers by placing Smoke Sensors in their rooms. They also provide Centralized Management for managing of tasks and performance centrally.
With Hotel Automation Solution there seems to be no reason why a customer would be unsatisfied with the given hospitality.